I love facilitating retreats that yield clearly-defined and measurable plans for success. The film is a springboard for this work and will help fuel your journey on the road to social impact
— Kate Robinson

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Board of Directors retreats

Take charge of strategic planning and organizational change through a customized retreat that provides space for connection, focused reflection, an opportunity to reorient, and guidance for managing and measuring organizational effectiveness well.

you will take away the clearest strategic plan imaginable, and an enhanced ability to learn from programmatic data and to make program improvements.


Kate Robinson is an accomplished and exciting keynote speaker, passionate about sharing the latest research and ideas to empower leaders, staff and stakeholders to recognize their resilience.

Key Topics

Theory of Change

Defining YOUR Social Impact

Building an Organizational Learning Culture

The Art of Managing to Outcomes

Nonprofit Case Studies: Successfully Fostering A Culture Of Learning

Leveraging Organizational Culture to Improve Outcomes

Embrace organizational challenges with new confidence and know-how

with one-on-one or small group leadership coaching sessions.

With two decades experience in high-performing nonprofits and research in evaluation and strategic growth, Kate has a profound respect for and understanding of the complexity and challenges associated with internal evaluation.

Expect to gain clarity of mission and a plan to move forward.